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Lai Lai Chinese Food

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Lai Lai Chinese Food
Launch Date
November 2020
Web Development
User Experience (UX/UI)

Taste the flavors of the Far East with Lai Lai Chinese Food


SSince 1991, Quito has enjoyed traditional Chinese food from an innovative perspective. Lai Lai is characterized by offering its customers a complete experience in the preparation of each dish. The client came to us to expand their reach and provide a clear and appetizing digital image.

The solution was a website with a precise and easily understandable interface, where Lai Lai’s dishes are the main protagonists. The head-turning visuals tempt their increasingly multiplying customer base, which enjoys a delicious experience from the moment they place the online order.

Order your favorite dish quickly and easily

To present Lai Lai’s food offerings from a complete and coherent digital menu, where its customers can easily search for the dish they want and purchase it from the company’s website, allowing Quito’s residents to easily enjoy a quick Oriental meal in the comfort of their own home.


Our client’s review

José Antonio Campaña
José Antonio Campaña

Thanks to their commitment and teamwork, they managed to transmit 30 years of innovation and brand tradition in clear, dynamic and aesthetic ways, expanding our channels to reach new generations.

José Antonio CampañaDirector of Innovation, Lai Lai