UWI Cosmética Ancestral
Launch Date
January 2021
Web Development
eCommerce Development
User Experience (UX/UI)

UWI, the first digital platform for ancestral cosmetics


Guided by the idea that each human being is unique, UWI reinvents the cosmetic scene with organic substances and natural manufacturing techniques, which allow its clients to enjoy a personalized care and beauty experience; from the selection of each ingredient to the acquisition of that “magic formula”.

The Challenge

Creating a totally unique product

UWI Cosmética Ancestral
UWI Cosmética Ancestral
UWI Cosmética Ancestral

The value of individual uniqueness is renewed in cosmetics

The objective: To develop a user-friendly and dynamic website that represents UWI’s love for gentleness and beauty care, with design that meets the needs of each consumer in the virtual store, thus generating a pleasant and personalized shopping experience.

Color Palette

Visual Concept

We created a modern interface that harmonizes with aspirational images through the use of a soft color palette. We also stylized the texts with an elegant typography that reflects the character of UWI and clearly embodies UWI Cosmética Ancestral on their website.

Solution and Impact

A unique personalization experience

Take care of yourself, ingredient by ingredient

The UWI online store guides users step by step through creating the product they want, starting first with their skin-type and moving on to the results they hope to obtain. Adaptable to any type of device, there is also a wide catalog of products available so that the user focuses exclusively on the ingredients offered and the benefits they will bring to their skin-care.

1stcustom skincare products store in Ecuador
+1000product combinations
+5integrated platforms

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