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Ñan Magazine

Ñan Magazine

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Ñan Magazine
Launch Date
August 2020
Web Development
User Experience (UX/UI)

Ecuador’s Iconic Tourism Magazine Goes Digital


Amazed by each one of the ecosystems that Ecuador has, Ñan Magazine faithfully exposes the pleasures that exist in this country for the informative enjoyment of lovers of adventure, gastronomy and culture. The digital revolution has presented great challenges for everyone especially Ñan magazine. Moving to a new technology model.

The Challenge

Supply every reader's thirst for adventure

Ñan Magazine
Ñan Magazine
Ñan Magazine

The jump from region to region with one click

The objective: To create a site at the height of the content that Ñan Magazine exposes, so that its readers can have each article and travel review at their fingertips from anywhere, at any time and move the emblematic magazine to a space that lasts longer beyond the paper.

Paleta de Colores

Visual Concept

We kept the colors of the printed magazine so as not to lose the sense of belonging with its readers and we built a playful and simple interface, where the photographs are the protagonists in order for the people to become familiar with the places and moments exposed and thus form a bond with each history.


A true digital tourism guide

Let yourself go and explore each place

The Ñan Magazine site goes beyond a tourist review for Ecuador. The article is accompanied by an exploration map according to the story that is told to guide the user on each tour and thus provide a superior digital adventure.

66%growth in Website Traffic
64%increase in new users
%94increase in pageviews

Our client’s review

Stephanie Bonham-Carter
Stephanie Bonham-Carter

Design Republik has an acute eye and ability to translate the abstract into visuals without sacrificing the essence of that which they are conveying.

Stephanie Bonham-CarterFounder, Galapagos Safari Camp